Workshop Topics

  1. User interaction and interface concepts for personalized access of digital and on-site cultural heritage, e.g.:
    1. Museum collections
    2. Digital multimedia archives
    3. Integrated tourist information services
  1. Personalized interfaces for single users and (small) groups of users
    1. Group user profile presentation
    2. Interactive user profiles
    3. Contextualized user profiles
    4. Cross-context user data presentation
    5. Use of avatars
  1. Contextualized and context-aware navigation/browsing interfaces, e.g.:
    1. For interactive museum guides
    2. For public displays of visitors in a museum
  1. Presentation of and interaction with personalized narratives in digital collections, e.g.:
    1. Historical timelines
    2. Collection perspectives
  1. Intelligent interfaces for semantically enriched collections, e.g.:
    1. Interaction with large conceptual knowledge
    2. Interaction with structured knowledge
  1. Personalized explanations and feedback of recommendation systems
  2. Various interaction devices and interfaces in museums and cultural heritage institutions, e.g.:
    1. Mobile personal devices (such as smart phones and tables)
    2. Tabletops
    3. Multi-touch interfaces
    4. Information booths
    5. Public and shared displays
  1. Evaluation or real life use cases of cultural heritage applications, e.g.,
    1. Web-based
    2. Mobile
    3. Other interactive applications

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