Workshop Organizers

  • Lora Aroyo, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherland. Lora Aroyo is an assistant professor Intelligent Information Systems at the Web and Media Group of the Department of Computer Science, VU University of Amsterdam. Currently she acts as a scientific coordinator of the EU Integrated Project NoTube: integration of Web and TV data with the help of semantics. She has also coordinated the scientific work in the NWO project CHIP: Cultural Heritage Information Personalization; and acted as a project leader for the VU INTERTAIN Experimental Research Lab initiative. In the past she was involved in several other cultural heritage and entertainment related projects, e.g. CHOICE, MultimedianN eCulture and ITEA Passepartout. Her research focus is in applying Semantic Web technologies for personalized information access and presentation of digital collections, and evaluation of interactive information systems. Lora has alsoco-organized previous editions of the PATCH workshops, the workshop series SW-EL, as well as several workshops in the area of personalization on the Semantic Web and for interactive TV. She was general conference chair for ESWC2010 and PC co-chair forESWC2009 and ISWC2011.
  • Fabian Bohnert, Monash University, Australia. Fabian Bohnert is a research fellow at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. His current (and previous research towards his Ph.D.) is based in the fields of user modeling and personalization. He is particularly interested in adaptive statistical techniques for user modeling and recommendation in physical spaces, such as museums and art galleries. Fabian is involved in the Kubadji project which develops user modeling and language techniques to support the creation of personalized technology for museums. When undertaking his Diplom thesis at Ulm University in Ulm, Germany and during internships in industry, his research involved probabilistic predictive data modelling and data mining. He was a co-chair for the Demos & Posters category at UMAP-10, a co-chair for the 2010 International Workshop on Pervasive User Modeling and Personalisation (PUMP-10, in conjunction with UMAP-10), and has reviewed for numerous journals and top-tier conferences, including UMUAI, IEEE Signal Processing Letters, IEEE Intelligent Systems, Pervasive-10, UMAP-09, and UM-07.
  • Tsvi Kuflik, The University of Haifa, Israel. Tsvi Kuflik is a senior lecturer at the Management Information Systems Department at the University of Haifa, Israel. His main areas of research are Ubiquitous User Modelling and Intelligent User Interfaces. For the past seven years Tsvi is leading a research group at the University of Haifa, focusing on “Active Museum” – applying novel computing and communication technology for supporting museum visitors. Previously he was a researcher at the scientific and technological research institution in Trento Italy. Prior to that, Tsvi coordinated an industrial consortium that developed and implemented software reuse methodology. In addition he worked and consulted in several industrial companies, in areas of personalization and also software quality assurance. Dr. Kuflik is the author of over 100 referred publications in journals and conferences and has been the organizer of various international conferences and workshops: Chair of an international information systems conferences held in Israel – NGITS 2006 and NGITS 2009, co-organizer of workshops on Ubiquitous User Modeling co-located with ECAI 2006, UM 2007, IUI 2008, personalization in cultural heritage, co-located with UM 2007, co-organizer of the German-Israeli Minerva School for Ubiquitous Display Environments that took place in the summer of 2009 in Haifa, Israel, Workshops co-chair of IUI 2009 and IUI 2010 and a member in the program committee of numerous national and international conferences.
  • Johan Oomen, Sound and Vision, The Netherlands. Johan Oomen is head of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision R&D Department. He is mainly working on externally (FP7, ICTPSP, CATCH) funded research projects that focus on providing access to digital heritage on the web. Oomen holds a BA in Information Science and an MA in Media Studies. He is member of the Webstroom expert group (on the use of streaming media in higher education) funded by the SURF Foundation and General Secretary of the international DIVERSE network. He has worked for the British Universities Film and Video Council (London) and the RTL Nederland (Hilversum). He has given (invited) talks at leading conferences and published numerous articles in journals. He was co-chair of the Economies of the Commons Conference (2008), the Information Access to Cultural Heritage workshop (2008), Workshop on Semantic Interoperability in the European Digital Library (2008) Multimedia Content Access and Europeana (2009), Economies of Open Content Conference (2010), CRESC workshop (2010) and guest editor of the Journal of Digital Information special issue on Information Access to Cultural Heritage (2009) and special issue of DIXIT (2010).

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