Workshop Goals

The primary goal of this workshop is to gather researchers and practitioners from different fields, e.g., user interaction, arts and heritage curation, interface design, user modeling, mobile, ubiquitous and ambient technologies, artificial intelligence and web information systems, and explore various practical use cases of applications of these technologies.

During the workshop we aim to identify the typical user groups, tasks and roles in order to achieve an adequate personalization for cultural heritage applications. Important aspects to discuss evolve around:

  • In-door localization, navigation and browsing patterns
  • Interaction concepts with personal (mobile or desktop) and group (on-site public or desktop) displays
  • Collaboration, communication and sharing aspects in the process of cultural heritage consumption
  • Information needs and access (incl. visualization) and search patterns
  • Exploiting data from various sources
  • Digital storytelling, narratives, smart summaries and recommendation explanations

Finally, we aim at identifying a set of requirements for personalized interaction and interfaces in the cultural heritage domain, and provide practical guidelines for deploying such personalization techniques in this domain.


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