PATCH 2011

3rd International Workshop on Personalized Access to Cultural Heritage

The rapid development of information technologies and the Internet has enabled cultural heritage and public organizations to provide access to their collections not only through physical displays but also online, and attract even wider audiences than those that visit the physical museums. Additionally, various trends on Web 2.0 allow for users not only to be passive consumers, but also active participants.

Personalization capitalizes on a user-centered intelligent interactive information exchange between museum websites or museum guide systems and visitors. The museum monologue turns into a dialog, and personalization enables a new communication strategy based on a continuous process of interaction, collaboration, learning and adaptation between the museum and its visitors. Personalization could improve the interaction and experience of visitors on museum websites and with museum guide systems by supporting visitors’ navigation and assisting them in quickly finding an appropriate starting point, and in discovering new relevant information.

This workshop will focus on the specific challenges for personalization in the cultural heritage setting from the point of view of user interaction and visitor experience. It will investigate how the user interface – the contact point of visitors and systems – can become more intelligent by means of personalization. Overall, the workshop will aim at attracting presentations of novel ideas for addressing these challenges and the current state of the art in this field.

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