PATCH 2007

The first edition of the PATCH workshop was in 2007 at User Modeling Conference, Corfu, Greece.

  • PATCH 2007 Website [url]
  • PATCH2007 Proceedings [pdf]
  • PATCH 2007 Organizers:
    • Lora Aroyo
    • Tsvi Kuflik
    • Oliviero Stock
    • Massimo Zancanaro
  • PATCH 2007 Program Committee:
    • Jurg Baus, Saarland University, Gemany
    • David Bearman, Archives & Museum Informatics, USA
    • Shlomo Berkovsky, Haifa University, Israel
    • Keith Cheverst, Lancaster University, UK
    • Vania Dimitrova, University of Leeds, UK
    • Ferdinand Ector, Regional Historic Center Eindhoven, The Netherlands
    • Marek Hatala, Simon Fraser University Surrey, Canada (not confirmed)
    • Geert-Jan Houben, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
    • Judy Kay, University of Sydney, Australia
    • Vicenzo Lombardo, University of Turin, Italy
    • Dick Rijken, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, The Netherlands (not confirmed)
    • Lloyd Rutdledge, Telematica Insitute, The Netherlands
    • Liz Sonnenberg, University of Melbourne, Australia
    • Ingrid Zukkerman, Monash University, Australia
    • Susan Hazan, The Israel Museum, Israel

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